After being eliminated from BBB 24, Beetle receives a letter from her boyfriend

After being eliminated from BBB 24, Beetle receives a letter from her boyfriend

Former BBB 24 member Beetle finds out that Buda is single and receives a message from her boyfriend.

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BeetleShe was the 16th eliminated from the “BBB 24” on Tuesday (2) and, like all previous participants, participated in the “BBB Chat”. In the program, the social worker, who was distinguished by her sharp tongue in the game, discovered the controversy surrounding her Lucas “Buddha” and his ex-wife, Camilla. She was a little shocked, but she admitted that she actually imagined that a breakup might happen between the two! Bethel also received a message from her friend, Wesley.

Beetle explains his relationship with Buddha in “BBB 24”

In an interview with Thais Versosa that it Ed GammaBeetle caught the controversy surrounding Lucas “Budda” and Camila outside of “BBB 24.” Broadcasters showed scenes of them on the programme, including the moment the Rio native flirted with his ex-sister at a party. “Eternal Father…” she said as she watched everything with her hand on her face. At the end of the video, Ed asked: “Tell me about your relationship with Buddha.”

“We were very good friends and I think because of his 'Bahian, you spoiled me' joke, he was upset after that because Camila didn't show up.” [no vídeo do Anjo]. Then, I think it went a little wrong. But it was just friendship! It's just friendship! He's an incredible person and he was very concerned about Camilla, about things out there. He felt bad,” expressed Beetle.

Beetle finds out Buddha is single: 'I imagined it'

Ed then revealed his brother's split from Camilla: “His wife came out on social media and said she was single. She wouldn't encourage any female rivalry with you, no.

Competition is yours. She had an agreement with Buddha and that agreement was not respected.” The woman from Alagoas showed a slight reaction of surprise, but remained serious and attentive to every word of the presenters.

“I imagined she didn't come. But I hope they're all right. He talks about her with a lot of love. He talks about his mother-in-law, his ex-mother-in-law, and I don't know.” “I don't know, with pride… I hope they talk and decide what's best for them. I guess it's not up to me. That's all,” the social worker stated.

Beetle's friend sends a letter to his ex-sister

At another point in the interview, Bettel's wife, Wesley, sent a message to his partner. The two have been together for 10 years and decided to start their relationship in 2021, as he himself told O Globo: “This happens when I travel. When we are together in Maceió, it is something we avoid. We have a lot of trust and dialogue.”

“Hello my love! How are you? How do you feel being back in the real world? I'm here with open arms, waiting for you, I miss you so much. Don't worry, because I will never leave you, I will never abandon you. It won't take 75 days for our 10-long journey to pass.” “For years there was a point where you were without your support network there, without anyone. It was just you with all the doubts that come from everything,” he said.

“I am very proud of your entire journey within the program. You have been able to live all the experiences that the program proposes. Here, we will have a sea of ​​opportunities, and you will remain happy, being this wonderful person,” he added. it is”.

After seeing the message, Bettel paid tribute to his lover: “We have spent 10 years together, it is a huge journey. We grew up together, we know each other a lot. He has helped me a lot in many stages of my life. He is an incredible man. ! […] I miss you so much, I really want to talk to you. I really want to hug you, I really want to know your perspective on me. “I'm so glad you're here, I was really afraid everyone would leave.”

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