Review | Ya Faz Nada – Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni starred in Argentine series

Review |  Ya Faz Nada – Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni starred in Argentine series

Life’s speed bumps that make us see others and ourselves. The series has arrived straight from Argentina and debuted in the Star Plus catalog without much publicity but promises a place in your favorite series of 2023. Do not do anything It circumvents the deconstruction of an intense, charismatic dude who embarks on new ways of thinking and acting when he finds himself on the brink in several areas of his life in a present so far removed from the privileges of a past that no longer exists.

authorized to Robert De Niro In the cast, including narration of each opening for the five episodes, this Buenos Aires series created by the duo Mariano Cohen that it Gaston Duprat (Also the creators of the wonderful series Dear Chargé d’Affaires) starring the excellent 83-year-old Argentine actor, Louis Brandoni.

In the plot we meet Manuel (Louis Brandoni), a famous and experienced food critic, lives his days in a cozy apartment in the city he loves, Buenos Aires. His life has always been a series of dependence on others, both at home with his maid Celsa (Maria Rosa Fujazot), whether it’s having to borrow from friends and eating for free at the best restaurants in town.

His routine changes radically when Celsa dies and Manuel needs to find someone else to help him on a daily basis, so he reaches out to Paraguayan immigrant Antonia (Mago Cabrera), a young woman who will help you change the way you live your life. In parallel with Antonia’s arrival, Manuel needs to deliver his new book to the publisher and will ask his great friend Vincent Parisi (Robert De Niro).

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The suddenness that can come into our lives at any moment. Who among us has never experienced moments where certain situations forever changed the way we see everything at our fingertips? By following this certainty, which determines our course at some point, One does nothing It shows the clash between before and after, between old and new, and the counterpoints that approach reality.

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The friendly narrative, full of comedic resolutions, glorifies the slightly grumpy charisma of a protagonist who is too concerned with the need for elegance and refinement. The five episodes are real paintings that bring conflicting feelings to life.

Argentine filmmakers Mariano Cohen that it Gaston DupratThe duo, known among moviegoers, returns to the world of the series after the success it achieved Dear Chargé d’Affairesa project starring the star Guillermo Francella (Which appears briefly in Do not do anything). Before, in cinemas, they were responsible for great works such as: Brilliant citizen And the guy next door. Here they have achieved the feat of combining great artists with icing on the cake Robert De Niro, in every episode! It’s not just sharing! Even his character, who is a bit mysterious at first, sets the pace by narrating the beginning of all the episodes.

It was screened as a feature film at the San Sebastián Festival, where it was nominated in the category of Culinary Xenima (an exhibition within the festival organized in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center with highlights of films involving gastronomy), Do not do anything It opens new ways in which someone with thoughts of the past can see the city he loves so much, and the life he has always hidden from, to reach the point of starting over.

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