Resident Evil Village and Metro are highlights of the week | Action games

Resident Evil Village and Metro are highlights of the week |  Action games

Resident Evil Village e Subway displacement: The Enhanced Edition is the week’s highlight, with the new horror franchise title arriving on PlayStation 4 (PS4PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox OneAnd the Xbox S/X e Computer. An enhanced version of Metro Exodus will be released exclusively for PC and with support for Ray tracing. Other highlights are the highly acclaimed simulation game The Colonists and Skate City Apple Arcade. Check out more details on each release, as well as the dates and platforms when they will be available for download.

Resident Evil Village will bring several mysterious characters, such as Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters – Image: Clone / Steam

Resident Evil Village – 7 de maio – PS4, XB, PS5, XBSX / S, PC

The long-awaited new chapter in the Resident Evil series maintains both the style and the protagonist Resident Evil 7, With Ethan Winters in first person. The story takes place shortly after the events of the seventh game, when it appears that the mysterious hero Chris Redfield, who saved Ethan in the previous game, killed his wife Mia Winters. After Chris’ tracks in search of explanations, Ethan ends up in a village in Europe full of strange creatures and logic-defying characters, such as giant Lady Demetrisko and her daughters.

Resident Evil RE: Verse, which will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as part of the bundle with Resident Evil Village, has been delayed. The game is now appreciated for the North American summer, which includes the months of June, July and August. Resident Evil RE: Verse is a purely online game where users face conflicts as classic characters from the Resident Evil franchise and can still transform into zombies and other creatures upon death.

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Metro Exit: Enhanced Edition – May 6 – PC

The popular shooting and survival game Metro Exodus will receive a new improved version for PC, which by default will require a video card with Ray Tracing support. This new version promises to implement Ray Tracing in a global lighting system and Nvidia’s DSLL 2.0 technology, which uses artificial intelligence to render games with more detailed texture and higher resolution. The new version will be a free upgrade for users who bought the game on steamAnd the Epic Games StoreAnd the Gog And Microsoft Store.

Metro Exodus: Enhance Edition promises to bring realistic lighting with Ray Tracing and more impressive visuals than the original image: Playback / Steam

Colonists – 4 de maio – PS4, XB, SW

This is a simulation game inspired by classic strategy games like The Settlers and Anno. In the new game, users will need to manage a small colony of robots created to reproduce human behavior. Players will have to acquire and manage resources, construct buildings, research new technologies, create transportation routes and even go to war with enemy colonies. You can also play on randomly generated maps, in user-created stages, or just relax in free mode.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – 7 de maio – PS4, XB, PS5, XBSX / S, PC

An unusual new Sumo Digital multiplayer game based on the legend of Robin Hood, reimagined in a violent medieval world. In it, players need to carry out massive robberies to steal the rich. The game mechanics are “PvPvE”, which stands for “player versus player versus environment”. In other words, you will have to face obstacles from the game itself and also from a rival team that intends to execute the crime before your team does so. The game’s official launch will be on May 10, but players who pre-order it can play it next Friday (7).

Hood: Outlaws & Legends brings a new style of multiplayer adventure with teams that face each other, but also face threats from the game – Photo: Playback / Steam

Siri: The Beginning – 4th de Mayo – Computer

As a strange creature named Sayri, players will have to explore a world called Ayris to make it their new home. In this game with beautiful and colorful visuals, users will be able to solve puzzles integrated in the world, interact with other creatures and even make friends with them.

Sayri: The Beginning is an adventure game that focuses on beautiful visuals and the strength of friendship between characters – Picture: Playback / Steam

Skate City – 6th de Mayo – PlayStation 4, XP, SW, PC

After a successful launch on Apple Arcade, Skate City has arrived with its gameplay on more platforms – Image: Playback / Steam

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