Galaxy A13 5G will be charged without charger and headphone

Galaxy A13 5G will be charged without charger and headphone

a Samsung This week it announced the Galaxy A13 5G, the latest entry-level phone that supports next-generation networks, but with it comes an unpleasant discovery for many users: the affordable model will not include a charger and a headset in its box.

The note highlights that “charger and headphones are sold separately” (Photo: Playback/Samsung)

On its press announcement page, Samsung noted in a footnote that “charger and headphones are sold separately” from the device.

Although the accessories are removed from the box, the model arrives in the United States at a higher cost. NS Galaxy A12 Prices start at $179 (about R$1,000). NS Galaxy A13 5G, his successor will cost US$249 (about R$1400).

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Fashion comes to mobile phones for beginners

Galaxy A13 5G is a basic cell phone with name, specifications and accessories (Photo: Playback/Samsung)

last year for An apple New models appeared in the iPhone 12 lineup without a vital accessory: the charger and the headset. The company claims that this decision aims to reduce emissions of polluting gases and create a “greener” future.

Days after the controversial announcement, major competitors such as xiaomi And Samsung mocked Apple, both of whom contradicted months later by releasing their cell phones without a charger and without a headset in the box.

In January of this year, we already announced the intention of Samsung Remove the charger from most cell phone cases. him too.

After mocking Apple, Samsung launches Galaxy S21 without a charger and expands fashion (Image: Playback/Samsung)

Fashion is rampant now and affects not only users who are looking for a complete experience (with an unfinished box), but also those who want a simple cell phone with basic accessories (which no longer come with the device).

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Whether the user wants it or not, such a trend seems inevitable and soon we will see more and more versions with smaller cases and accessories sold separately, and not just from Samsung.

Source: Samsung

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