Reporter walks 421 km in SP after losing family members to COVID-19

Reporter walks 421 km in SP after losing family members to COVID-19

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Mauricio Ferraz, a TV Globo reporter, is halfway to the shrine of Aparecida do Norte after losing six members of his family to the coronavirus. Altogether there is 421 km of walking which is about 30 km per day. On Instagram, celebrate the 210 kilometres.

In an interview with Mais Você, the reporter said: “We are going through hard times, I have lost six members of my family to the virus. I felt like I needed to think.” The trip, which began in Tambau, in the company of two friends, has already come to an end: “We have covered 210 kilometers. We will reach Aparecida on the 20th”.

Mauricio Ferraz said the pilgrim’s routine is strict. According to the reporter, they get up at five in the morning, eat breakfast, and walk until 3:30 in the evening. By early evening, they were already preparing for bed. All this effort made Mauricio lose four kilograms in 10 days and acquire blisters on his feet.

“It takes about eight hours to walk a day and the feet can feel it. There are a lot of blisters. We even carry a needle to puncture them at night. And nails are falling out. But everything is true. The path is magical and here we are all the same, we are all pilgrims,” the journalist told the “Miss Fossey” programme. .

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