Phuk is the most hated finalist in reality

Phuk is the most hated finalist in reality

Phuk is the first final contestant inBBB 21 “after Winning the last race that was resistance. But, if it is based on a UOL poll, Fábio Jr’s son doesn’t win a millionaire prize reality: He is also the most hated of the four remaining householders. Camilla de Lucas appeared second.

On Friday night at around 18 o’clock, Phuoc leads the ranks with 34.08% of the vote. Camila is right in the back, practically tied to him, adding 33.23%. Juliet and Gilberto also appear in the sequence in very close proportions: 16.51% versus 16.18%, respectively.

Days gone by, Camilla was already at the top of the hated ranking, overtaking PocahThat has been deleted. If the race result is confirmed by Tiago Leifert tonight, the final wall will be officially formed by Camilla, Gilberto, and Juliette. One of them leaves the house on Sunday and the other three mark the grand end of the program.

The survey exclusively measures readers’ preference TwitterIt has no scientific value for sampling nor does it interfere with the progress of the program. And for you who is the most hated participant? Continue voting!

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