Regina Duarte revives Morgan Freeman’s video and calls for White Conscience Day

Secretária de Cultura, Regina Duarte

The actress used a viral video of actor Morgan Freeman with a request not to discuss racism, disregarding it as outdated and the actor himself changing his mind.

247 – On Sunday (21) Pocket Actress Regina Duarte defended the establishment of “White Consciousness Day” in protest of Black Consciousness Day, which is celebrated on November 20 each year.

Bolsonaro’s former national culture minister rescued a video of US actor Morgan Freeman saying that “to fight racism it is better not to talk about the issue.” In the caption, she asked when the day was set aside for eggs. However, it does not show that she is old and that the actor himself changed his mind.

Regina Duarte asked, “Yesterday, Black Consciousness Day was celebrated. When will we have White, Yellow, and Brown Consciousness Day? How long will we continue to deceive ourselves under the weight of years of pain for centuries of guilt inherited from our ancestors?” .

For more than a decade every November 20 – Black Consciousness Day – at least one unsuspecting person has shared Morgan Freeman’s viral video of “60 Minutes” with Mike Wallace, in which the actor says that in order to combat cancer racism, it’s best not to speak about him. The actor revised his stance and then supported anti-racist movements such as Black Lives Matter.

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