Recently 32 dangerous apps have been banned from Play Store by Google

Recently 32 dangerous apps have been banned from Play Store by Google

Mobile applications are very useful tools in our daily life. However, criminals disguise and take advantage of this service to implement scams and steal personal data of users.

There are so many malicious applications appearing daily that it is difficult to identify them all, but some of them can be removed. It is important that you know these dangerous apps to delete them immediately from your phone. See this article!

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Dangerous Apps Recently Banned from Play Store by Google

Recently, among users of some applications, an SMS fraud campaign has been circulating, which is very similar to real tools. This is because they have disguised themselves as photo editors, QR code readers, and camera filters, among others.

So when a consumer installed one of these apps, some of his information was compromised. In addition, the criminals identified the cell phone’s location, IMEI number, and contact number. So the programs offered subscriptions that cost more than $40 per month. After a period of use, the app stopped working and the billing became weekly.

A list has been released of some of these dangerous apps that have been blocked in the process. If you have any of the following software installed on your phone, it is best to remove them quickly. paying off!

List of dangerous applications

  1. All language pictures and voice translator al;
  2. AmazonTranslate;
  3. AppLock X is free;
  4. Mobile battery charging 2021;
  5. call audio recording 2.0;
  6. Color call screen and phone flash;
  7. Crime City: Revenge.
  8. HD and 4K dynamic wallpapers;
  9. Fitness Ultimate 2021;
  10. soccer masters 2021;
  11. Future Scanner FREE 2021;
  12. FX Animate Edit Pro;
  13. GT Sports Racing Online;
  14. LivePhoto Animator;
  15. Ludo masterpiece online;
  16. Magic Fonts and Keyboard 2021;
  17. Magic Mix Cut – a great video editor;
  18. Mobile Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner app, scan to PDF;
  19. new body shape editor;
  20. NewVision Camera;
  21. Pro Tuber Ad Blocker for video;
  22. HD / AR Video Editor display device;
  23. Pro Video Downloader 2021;
  24. Rivas Ultra
  25. RGB Neon HD keyboard backlit;
  26. Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro;
  27. Ultra Camera HD;
  28. VideoMixer Editor Pro;
  29. XYZ Pro wallpapers;
  30. Water Reminder
  31. Wi-fi around: Unlock all Wi-Fi networks and Hotsposts;
  32. Unlock Wi-Fi password.
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So, after you’ve seen the apps that were recently blocked from the Play Store, take the opportunity to forward this article to your friend who would like to know about it as well.

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