Rebels seal tanks 30 km off the coast and scare retirees – News

Rebels seal tanks 30 km off the coast and scare retirees - News

The lost seal made the 32 km long journey until it was found by a retiree, while he was quietly sunbathing in the park.

The rebellious mammal was found by Anne Page, 72, who lives in Lincoln, UK, far from the nearest beach. She says she was baffled to see the backyard being used as a tanning site.

“I went out to water my plants around 7:30 a.m. and immediately saw the seal in my backyard,” Ann told the Daily Mail.

The pensioner’s son helped her out and said the animal looked “very docile and relaxed” – unlike familiar cannibal seals.

To deal with the situation, Anne called the police, who transferred the rebel seal to a local animal shelter. Martin Greene, the cop who did the rescue, recognized her as Dandy Dinmont.

Months ago, the same Dandy boards boards for a student stand up paddleThe sport where you stand on the board and use the racket.

It remains to be seen how dandy got away from its natural habitat. The main theory is that she entered the river and swam until she got tired and decided to take a walk.

Martin also heard from locals that seals have been fishing in the local river for several months, taking advantage of the abundance of fish.

“I would say it weighs 60 to 70 kg. It was not easy to put it in the back of a truck,” Martin said, adding that such a situation is rare but unheard of in his career.

“I’ve dealt with three SEALs in my 23 years of policing,” he added.

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After two days at the shelter, Dandy received a registration card and was released into the nearby seal colony.

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