Read our review of Lightyear, the new Toy Story movie from Pixar

Read our review of Lightyear, the new Toy Story movie from Pixar

Since the boy Andy entered the astronaut doll Toy Story (1995), and Pixar Not only did it open the door for CGI animation to dominate Hollywood, but it became synonymous with quality in both its use of technology and its narrative wit. Since then, like any large studio, it has become a subsidiary of today’s company Disney He had slips (hit cars became popular The good dinosaur And the two brothers They deserve their moment), but Light year You stand as a perfect example of what you do best. In what would otherwise be a hollow exploration of the enduring commercial appeal of franchise, there is a sensitivity and emotional maturity that are still rare in a production of this type.

The argument that drives the story is an ironic one, as it is basically recognized as a self-preserving recycled product that justifies itself on the merits of its predecessor. Light year He, in the fictional universe Toy Story, the lively action that inspired the doll that was given to Andy, in the ’90s. Taking seriously this linguistic oroboros gives any production benefit, as any pretense of looking like a ’90s blockbuster gets lost in an educational (but subtle) style with variety and acting – the most characteristic of today’s cinema. Only script writers Jason Headley And the Angus McClain (who also directs the production) works in unison to quickly dismiss this seriousness and stress that, whatever the canonical rationale, this is also a movie about a doll who really wants to have fun.

Thus, the initial impression is an odd one, because the Pixar font has never been so realistic as in Light year. As space scenarios, alien creatures, electronic devices, and even weapons are shaped in a tangible way, Headley and McClain have to maintain a script that goes beyond dialogue with the funnier universe of Toy Story, but also helps the audience get that narrative slash as fast as they can. What allows them to achieve this in the film’s first act is as sensitive a move as it is daring in the melodrama, reminiscent of the film’s devastating opening. Up – high adventures (2009). Establishing a captivating friendship from the start between Buzz Lightyear’s space rangers (Chris Evansand Alisha HawthorneUse fertilizer), the scriptural duo gets movie fuel to stand on its own from a simple but painfully efficient setback in the relationship.

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As shown in the trailers, Light year Delving into the metaphors of time travel, it is not ironically that Evans has once again put in the shoes of an outdated man. Here, digression in order: the choice of the actor is very careful not only for that, but also because in the film there is a glorification of ideal militarism, reminiscent of the epic Star Trek And his star body and good American aura. Back in the movie, it’s strange how the Pixar family adventure ends up offering a more emotional version of the same drama that Christopher Nolan Addresses in Interstellar (2014). What sets them apart in this approach is that Light yearAs is customary in the studio, he understands cinema as personal art rather than subtle, sparing the viewer the great theses about science, and devoting efforts to making his characters’ feelings resonate deeply with the audience — not the quantity just because of embarrassing crying scenes.

So, when Buzz launches on a journey through time and especially through space, Light year Ensures that the undeniably visual and kinetic landscape built on canvas by Pixar’s animators is grounded in the brand’s undeniable emotional depth. Toy Story. It’s the best way out of a story where nothing is entirely exceptional, including the supporting characters. if ezy (Kiki Palmer) and SoX (Peter Son(Don’t forget, Darby)Del Souls) and mo (Taika WaititiThey are sacrificed only for the occasional hilarious joke – and the hasty confrontation with the evil ZurgJames Brolin) is only flirting with a deep moral conflict, without giving him the time he needs to grow into something more impactful. Without being revolutionary, the film is at least unforgettable and exciting, with its many references to the Buzz we already knew, star Wars And other major sci-fi brands (even gravity2013, mentions it).

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happily, Light year Not worth just collecting dust on the shelf.

year: 2022

nation: United State

Period: 105 minutes

direction: Angus McClain

road map: Jason Headley, Angus McClain

spit: Uzo Aduba, Taika Waititi, and Chris Evans

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