Andrei speaks openly about reconciliation with Danielle Wentz

Andrei speaks openly about reconciliation with Danielle Wentz
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A Fazenda 15: Andre opens up about reconciliation with Daniel Wentz

André Gonçalves decided to talk to Cesar Black after a disagreement over his former BBB’s behavior towards his housemate, Kally Fonseca.

At that time, the nurse provoked the actor by saying that he was in the quilt with Jacqueline and Marcia Fu, recalling the confusion that occurred with Tonzao on Saturday morning (25).

“I just wanted to use it as an example that there was no evil on my part, just like there’s no evil on yours,” Black said.

“Thank you. But it’s not about me anymore. It’s about someone who’s not on the farm, not in the game. And he’s using my relationship as a reference,” the actor replied.

Black explained that he did not know there was a relationship and the actor explained. “Yes, I was in the video, and we broke up before I came here.”

The former BBB apologised: “Rest in peace. This never crossed my mind, especially because I thought you were single. I’m sorry if that thought shocked you at that point.”

The actor then said that despite his breakup, he still hopes to get back together with Danielle Wentz.

“I’ve been married for seven years. 30 days before I came here, we broke up. We have a family, we have a young son, and I love him. He’s her son, he’s my son. There’s her last son, 15 years old, and he’s also my son, and I have my three children.” [biológicos]. In total, there are five children, and I love my family. But I came here alone. She appeared in the video, and this means that we have a chance to be together again, for our family to remain strong again. This was the greatest happiness for me. I’ve always been married. We’ve broken up, it’s happened, but we’ll probably still be together. Because I love my family. “I didn’t do anything that could hurt her, even though we were separated for 30 days,” Andre declared.

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