RBD fans travel from Brasilia to attend a show in Rio, can’t walk in and claim virtual tickets stolen | Rio de Janeiro

RBD fans travel from Brasilia to attend a show in Rio, can’t walk in and claim virtual tickets stolen |  Rio de Janeiro

RBD fans travel from Brasilia to attend a show in Rio, are unable to get in and are accused of stealing virtual tickets

A group of friends who came from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro to see the performance of the Mexican band RBD saw their dream turn into a nightmare last Friday (10). This is because the five friends claim that their tickets have been hacked. According to reports, the tickets could have been used before they arrived at the event.

Psychologist Carol Oliveira said that the surprise came when entering Nilton Santos Stadium in the city of Ingenhao in the northern region. When they tried to validate their tickets at the entrance to the stadium, they realized they had been stolen.

“When we got there they said the tickets had already been used. From all of us, at different times. A girl in charge checked the document, took all the information and said: ‘Really, the ticket is authentic, we can see it belongs to you.’” “But someone,” Carol said. “What came first with these tickets?”

According to friends, even after validating the tickets, the production was not ready to solve their problem. They also complain of ill-treatment by the show’s organisers.

The companies responsible for the show and ticket sales were contacted through the report, but until the latest update They didn’t come back.

The buyer was civil engineer Camilla Adorno. She stated that she purchased the tickets directly from the Eventim website, The official sales platform for the band’s shows in Rio.

Combining tickets, accommodation and airfare expenses, the girls spent around 10 thousand Brazilian reals. But the damage is not only financial. The group was left with nothing but frustration resulting from returning to the hotel earlier than expected, says the engineer.

“The feeling is very frustrating! We were fulfilling our childhood dream, but our dream was stolen. We arrived yesterday morning crying, we could not solve anything because we were so sad. They humiliated us there, expelled us from the event, and told us: ‘Get out of line’.”

Day two of the RBD in Engenhão has a crowded show and more confusion coming out of the event

Even with the police reinforcement around Enjinhão, in the northern region of Rio, criminals managed to carry out several raids on their way out of the second day of the show by the Mexican band RBD, which took place on Friday night (10).

“A man started approaching people at Mayer station with a firearm and a machete. He took some mobile phones and a passenger’s belongings. We activated the emergency button on the train and called the police, but nothing was done.”

Reporter Ana Beatriz Lourenço, who was with Victoria on the stolen train, said she only saw police reinforcements in some parts of Ingenhão, but the rest of the public transport route was left exposed. She also witnessed the crime and said that the moment was one of rush and fear for the passengers.

He added: “The police were only at the stadium exit, at very close points. Throughout the stations everything was empty. When the thief approached one of the passengers, everyone ran away. “There was running and running and people fell on top of each other, some were even injured.”

One fan of the band also said that she felt unsafe on her way home and that she felt the police layout was not adequate for the expected crowd size.

He added: “The place was very crowded, and there were a lot of people together… There were even policemen, but the number of police officers did not contain the number of people.” It seemed like a mini-police to a lot of people. they [os criminosos] “They would take people’s mobile phones and then run away.”

According to viewers, at the beginning of the first song the screen stopped. The band members couldn’t even use the microphone. Some fans reported the lights inside the stadium being turned off.

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