Ratinho decides to cut out SBT’s right arm: ‘I’m no longer a part of it’

Ratinho decides to cut out SBT’s right arm: ‘I’m no longer a part of it’

Presenter shoots right hand

little mouse He became one of the biggest names on Brazilian TV because of his show on SBT. In front of the cameras, he conquered the audience with his charisma and even Silvio Santos.

However, this week the announcer drew attention by disqualifying the announcer’s right arm and a sad statement was revealed. I am no longer part of the group. excerpt says.

At the time, Simone Munhoz, presenter of SBT Paraná, was on vacation and was fired after returning to the channel.

The presenter’s right arm is released

The famous, considered to be the artist’s right-hand man and appointed by Redi Massa, revealed that she was expelled from Canal Paraná shortly after returning from her vacation period.

“To my friends who follow me here… I am no longer part of Grupo Massa. When I came back from vacation, I was fired!”started Ratiño’s previous contract, which continued:

′′ The life that goes on… Let’s move forward, with our heads held high, without fear of being happy! Thank you for all your lovesaid the previous contract to the broadcaster.

The last time Simone Munhoz appeared on the channel was on January 3. Juliana Rodrigues will replace him.

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Ratinho has fired Simone Munhoz as SBT after the presenter's return from vacation (Photo: Reproduction/Recording)
Ratinho has fired Simone Munhoz as SBT after the presenter’s return from vacation (Photo: Reproduction/Recording)

The audience is saddened by the news

In the post’s comments, the public was dumbfounded by the separation of Ratiño’s right hand.

“Rede Massa was a great broadcaster and now we end up sending the best TV professionals away. If you can’t keep a great professional then lock the doors and take this channel off the air”one said.

“I am very saddened by this news.”another admitted. “I am sick with this news,” said another one.

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