Chad Smith breaks the drums at the bar in SP and offers to pay for the damage

Chad Smith breaks the drums at the bar in SP and offers to pay for the damage

Story that involves sharing Chad Smith At a cover band concert Hot red pepper In São Paulo it gets better and better as every detail is revealed. As previously reported, he took to the stage at Stones Music Bar last Thursday night (9) to eat a ‘chicken’ alongside the tribute Heavy glowformed by local musicians Lucas Neves (vocals), Alexis Bracalli (bass), Felipe Freitas (guitar), and Rafael Hidalgo (drums).


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At the end of “These Are the Ways,” Smith got excited and broke the drums he was playing. A video clip I posted Leandro Faiano (watch below) It records the precise occasion of the American musician’s “Keith Moon moment.”

This Friday (10), when Rafael Hidalgo discussed the episode in a post dated InstagramChad remembered what he had done and offered to pay the Brazilian for a new battery. In the comments section of the post, the Chili Peppers member said:

“Dude, I owe you a drum kit! Or a suit. I’m sorry… I got a little carried away. Thank you and your band for playing our songs. It’s an honor.”

Hidalgo, who is neither stupid nor anything – especially since the drums belong to the concert hall and not his – answered:

“I accept tickets for tonight [risos]. Any chance?”

The reaction can be seen in the comments section click here. Leandro Vaiano’s video of Chad sabotaging the drums at Stones Music Bar is available below, in two versions: just “Breakdown” and the full song.

Chad Smith and Heavy Glow in Sao Paulo

Heavy Glow was even announced Instagram A general invitation for Chad Smith to appear at Stones Music Bar, where they will perform. Somehow, the American musician – who plays with the Chili Peppers on Friday (10) at Morumbi Stadium – found out and actually went to the venue.

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Smith’s “Soup” apparently had three songs. The videos show him playing a snippet of “Her” (Kiss), as well as “Higher Ground” (Stevie Wonder), “These Are the Ways” and even “Airplane”, a song from the album “One Hot Minute” (1995). ) which was not performed by Red Hot with John Frusciante, their current and most famous guitarist.

Check out the videos below.

“She” (Kiss) + “Higher Ground” (Stevie Wonder):

“These are the ways”:


It is worth noting that Chad Smith has already surprised fans with other “random tours” of the country. he He is shown playing Legião Urbana In a bar in Rio de Janeiro and He attended a show by the country duo Jorge and Mateus In a nightclub in Sao Paulo.

Other strange situations with the Chili Peppers in Brazil Anthony Kiedis that it fleaBoth are in Rio de Janeiro. The singer visited tourist attractions and interacted with fans at the hotel and even I stopped to listen The chorus of “Heavy Wing” is coming from the fans. about that, fleaBased on reports, he cut his hair He threw the wires out the window.

Red Hot Chili Peppers in Brazil

Red Hot Chili Peppers continues to promote the two albums released in 2022 – “Unlimited Love” and “Return of the Dream Canteen.”

The group began its tour in Brazil last Saturday (4), at Nilton Santos Stadium Rio de Janeiro. Then the musicians went to BrasiliaWhere they played on Tuesday (7). Now, they have shows scheduled in São Paulo (November 10), Curitiba (November 13), and Porto Alegre (November 16).

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This is Red Hot’s 10th national tour, which was previously held in 1993, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2011, 2013, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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