Rarity! An ox-headed iceberg was discovered in England

Rarity!  An ox-headed iceberg was discovered in England

Amateur prospector John Matthews was probing a pasture in south-east Wales with his metal detector when he discovered a number of Iron Age artefacts. Items include a curious bowl decorated with an ox head.

The man discovered the artefacts in Monmouthshire and said the “treasure”, as the UK government called it, was “a real beauty”. Mathews’ archaeological findings have helped raise the possibility for experts that the area was once the site of a Roman settlement.

“I am proud to have found something so unique and associated with Wales and our ancestors,” John Matthews said in a statement from the National Association of Museums of Wales.

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Among the objects found are Iron Age vases, a cauldron, a sieve, two wooden vases, a bucket with copper alloy and ornaments and a bowl with a metal handle in the shape of an ox head with fingers. Horns intact.

Along with these treasures, artefacts from the heyday of the Roman Empire were also discovered. According to Direct scienceThe two copper vessels found in the burial may have been hidden when Rome’s fourth emperor, Claudius, invaded the region.

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