Rainer Cadet teases his followers with a stylized scene from Secret Truths 2; Watch · TV news

Rainer Cadet teases his followers with a stylized scene from Secret Truths 2;  Watch · TV news

Following the release of the second wave of episodes Secret Facts 2Rainer Cadet motivated his followers with pictures of a mysterious scene. This Thursday (4), the actor recorded at a deserted spot and shared the moment on Instagram.

“Do you want to know what is happening in this place? Breathe, but you have to wait,” the interpreter provoked in the photos posted to Stories. In the record, Rainer appears as a Visky in a natural setting.

Pictures still show a car at the scene, and the actor has featured some of the co-workers who were on the scene: Malu Ogata, Bruno Montaleone and Iza Moreira. Respectively, the interpreters live the models Reiko, Matheus and Giulia.

It is still unknown when the scene mentioned by Reiner will be broadcast on Globoplay. The platform has released 20 chapters of the Walcyr Carrasco continuation, and the rest of the episodes will be available on November 17 and December 1 and 15.

double celebration

Earlier, Reiner made sure to announce to his followers that Ten more unpublished chapters of classified facts 2 was released on broadcast.

The actor posted a picture with Whimsical Visky Fashion The crowd joked:Reach out to the company knowing that there are ten new episodes. Who watched? ”

Actor Daniel Andrade, who is also involved in the plot, commented: “I only went to bed at five in the morning. I ran the marathon!” Singer Lucy Ramos liked her friend’s record: “I love all this delivery! “.

Check out Rainer’s posts:

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