Rafaela Justos poses with her little sister and presents her first birthday party: “Wow”

Rafaela Justos poses with her little sister and presents her first birthday party: "Wow"

Girl Raffaella Justos was fascinated by posing with her little sister Vicky on her one-year birthday.

the girl Raffaella Justos, 11, appeared with her little sister Vicki, 1 year, for a magical family moment. The girls’ father, businessman Roberto Justos, and his digital influencer wife Anna Paula Seibert, celebrated Vicki’s first anniversary.

The celebration was held on the businessman’s website and the theme of the anniversary celebration was balloons. Raffaella Justos She was photographed with her little sister, father, stepmother and older sister Fabiana Justus in front of the beautifully decorated table at the party.
Netizens were just complimenting the beautiful party. “Wow! What a beautiful party!” commented one netizen. Another user said, “The most beautiful party I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible not to fall in love!” One netizen also said: “Very beautiful, it looks like a dream, but it’s real! Congratulations on good taste! It’s Vicky’s face!”.

When she appears dressed in her little sister’s birthday outfit, Raffaella Justos He said, “Ready! One-year-old Vicki Seibert Justus!” Anna Paula Seibert also spoke about her daughter’s birthday with Roberto Justos.

She won praise for her daughter’s birthday decor. “Today is a very special day, a dream come true… Celebrating Vicky’s 1st birthday! This project was my dream project, same theme for my baby shower that was canceled at the time… but today I am here, looking at it, that’s it, With my princess in my lap! I would like to have a lot of people here with me, a lot of human warmth, people we adore, and see closely every detail that we have so much planned… But that wouldn’t be possible! Happy with such an important family and few friends, But I’m missing dozens of wishing they were…Hopefully next year I can bring a lot of people to celebrate!I will share with you the details we made with love!Designed,Decorated and executed by the wonderful Andrea Guimarães!Thank you for doing everything I dreamed of with so much love! You are amazing!” said the digital influencer.

Brazil News Agency Raffaella Justos with little sister Vicky, father, stepmother and sister on baby’s birthday

Birthday Decorations for Vicky, Sister of Raffaella Justos

Brazil News Agency Vicky’s 1st Birthday Medal, Sister of Raffaella Justos

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