Quick solution against coyote: The island of England vaccines 48 adults in one morning

Red is located in the north of Scotland Photo: Getty Images by William van Heck / Corbis

The most remote inhabited island UK Immunization against Govit-19 All adults living on campus. The Vaccine Residents happened this Tuesday (13) and only took one morning. The dose was applied to 48-year-olds living on Fair Island.

The BBC reports that UK health officials had to cross logistics barriers to carry out the vaccine. The island is located in the north of Scotland, about an hour and a half flight from Aberdeen Airport.

The plane on this itinerary did not have enough structure to carry the Pfizer vaccine, which was taken to the first exhibition. Immunization requires a very low storage temperature.

Red is located in the north of Scotland Photo: Getty Images by William van Heck / Corbis

It was considered impossible for British health officials to take the ferry route, as well as to transport Fair Island residents to Scotland. Most adults are elderly.

The solution is to wait for the AstraZeneca vaccine, which can be carried in a hot box. Bottles were sent on regular flights to the fair, and two nurses traveled to deliver the doses.

“If anyone [Covid-19]”It’s spreading very fast,” Mary Bruhat, who lives on the island, told the BBC. “So knowing that everyone will be given immunizations will give more peace of mind,” he said.

Located in the north of Scotland, the island is five kilometers long and four kilometers wide. The total population is 65 people. No Govt-19 cases have been registered so far in this exhibition.

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