Questions from the Argentine newspaper that called the match “Brazilian shame” – 09/05/2021

Questions from the Argentine newspaper that called the match "Brazilian shame" - 09/05/2021

Brazilian shame. This is how the Argentine newspaper Ole described the events of Sunday afternoon (5), when the Brazil-Argentina match, for the World Cup qualifiers, was interrupted, 5 minutes after entering the field of Anfisa employees and police officers, who went to Arena Neo Química to pick up four players who should be in quarantine.

Emiliano Martinez, Christian Romero, Emiliano Buendia and Giovanni Lo Celso have been in the UK for the last 14 days and as a result, according to a government decree issued in June, violated health regulations by not complying with the quarantine. According to Anvisa, the four still ignored the information that they were in England when they entered Brazil.

“Why weren’t they deported sooner?” This is one of the questions Olé asked. “If on Saturday they already knew at Anvisa that the players came from England, and that they had been in Sao Paulo since Friday, the big question is why Anvisa didn’t make a drastic decision on the same day. It doesn’t make sense that they let them go to the field. (. ..) They let them train, go to the field and even start playing.”

Anvisa president, Antonio Barra Torres, said the four Argentines had been told since Saturday to stay at the hotel, but they had not complied with the rule. “But if the decision had been made, they could have prevented them (the Argentine delegation) from leaving the stadium,” Ole says.

The publication also states that there is an agreement with CONMEBOL, “with the football protocols that allowed matches during the pandemic and which have been agreed upon between the ten federations”. The decree Anvisa was based on is from June – that is, this is the first FIFA date that the quarantine rule has been applied to those who have recently been in the UK. according to UOL SportsConmebol maintains the transcript that there is an agreement with the Brazilian authorities so that athletes can play without being quarantined.

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The newspaper also stated that the “main responsibility” is the “Brazilian Confederation”, which bears full responsibility for organizing sporting events. And in this case, it was he who allowed “Anfisa” to enter zone 1, where no one can get to. And they have to comply with protocols like (exam) PCR.”

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