Python snake wriggling while being prepared at a barbecue

Python snake wriggling while being prepared at a barbecue

A video showing a snake being grilled and wriggling on a grill – even if it’s broken into several pieces – has garnered attention on social media.

Biologist and snake specialist Henrique Abrahão shared the image and explained that this is due to the fact that the meat “dries out” and is still “energy in the cells”.

“It’s normal for it to swell. This happens not only with snakes, but also with fish and other meats. Some cells are still in a functional state. It will depend on how long the meat has been kept fresh,” he explains.

According to biology, some parts of the snake may be sensitive. “She’ll end up writhing in some way. Either she’s writhing dry, or she’s just too cold. Being so clammy, there will be parts that might be sensitive.”

For those impressed with the delicacy of barbecue, the biologist also explains. According to him, there are “different peoples who feed on snakes,” including the python.

And in the United States, consumption is legal, because there it is [a cobra píton] It became an epidemic,” he says.

The biologist also explained that consuming this type of snake helps to drive away animals that have entered the area and become an epidemic from the environment. According to Henrik, as an “all-consuming” predator, where “95% of wild animals no longer exist”.

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