Putin says the West tried to divide Russia in order to invade the country and use national wealth

Putin says the West tried to divide Russia in order to invade the country and use national wealth

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, spoke about Russia’s relations with the West, which he says tried to destroy the country after the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Sputnik – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Sunday (17) that the West wants to destroy Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “And the reality is this, and then I became 100% convinced of this, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they believed that [no Ocidente] And they must be patient [pois] “They will destroy Russia too,” Putin said in statements to Russia’s Russia 1 channel.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, said on Sunday (17) that in the early 2000s he had a naive idea that the whole world understood that Russia had become different, and that there was no ideological confrontation or reasons for confrontation.

“The naivety was there. You know, I tell you with absolute sincerity, even looking back, even though I worked for almost 20 years in the security and foreign intelligence services of the Soviet Union, and even though I later served as deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, director of the FSB [Serviço Federal de Segurança russo]Secretary of the Security Council and even the Prime Minister at the initial stage, still had the naive idea that the whole world, and above all, the so-called, now I say with all conviction, the so-called civilized world, noted that he understood what had happened to Russia, that it had become a country Completely different, and there is no longer any ideological confrontation, and therefore there are no longer reasons for confrontation.

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Putin said that he saw negative behavior in the policy of Western countries towards Russia. According to him, support for separatism and terrorism on the territory of Russia was obvious.

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“But I naively thought it was just a stagnation of thought and action, [que] “They used to fight the Soviet Union and they continued to do so.”

According to Putin, the West does not need such a large country, with such a large population.

“It is better to divide it into five parts, as a well-known political figure in the United States suggested, [o ex-assessor presidencial norte-americano Zbigniew] Brzezinski, subjugate these parties separately and use their resources. But, assuming that each of them individually will not have independent weight, independent voice, and will not defend their national interests as a united Russian state does,” the Russian President noted.

He continued: “I only realized it later. The initial approach was very naive.”

Relations with NATO

“The same thing happens with other countries, including NATO countries. With whom do we have problems? Nobody. They are the ones who artificially create problems with us because they do not want to have a competitor like Russia,” he said.

He stated that Russia is interested in developing relations with NATO countries and does not want to spoil these relations, as there are no territorial claims from either side.

The President noted that the leader of any major country, a NATO member state, “especially the sole owner of NATO,” the United States, cannot fail to understand this.

“The United States owns NATO, which is its backyard, or the entire NATO, or the entire NATO organization,” Vladimir Putin stressed.

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