The Frente Amplio continues to lead the electoral polls in Uruguay

The Frente Amplio continues to lead the electoral polls in Uruguay

Broad Front demonstration of Uruguay

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latin press – With eight months to go until national elections, the Frente Amplio (FA) has the preference of a majority of voters in Uruguay, according to a poll conducted by newspaper Portal Montevideo.

“If the national elections were held today, which party would you vote for?” – Was the question asked to Internet users in the period from January 23 to 30, a period in which 20,618 interactions were recorded, according to the source?

According to the poll data, the English FA will win in October 2024 with 48.96% of the votes, which is a much higher percentage than the 39.01% it achieved in 2019, when it won the first round, but it did not obtain 50% of the votes, which means it will not obtain 50% of the votes. The second round was necessary, as Louis Lacalle Pault became president, defended by a coalition of right-wing parties that still exists today.

The president's National Party received 22.34% in the Portal Montevideo poll.

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Among the parties participating in the government coalition, Colorado saw a slight rebound and received 10.22% of preferences.

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