Pugliesi shares the emotional voice he received from Tulio Dek

Pugliesi shares the emotional voice he received from Tulio Dek

Gabriela Puglisi shared a cute moment with fans Your relationship with Tullio Dick: An audio clip in which he announces the affection’s love at the beginning of the relationship.

She interacted with fans through the Instagram question box, and answered someone who asked her to show an audio message she received from Tulio when they started dating. Pugliesi then shared the moment when he thaws her.

On the recording, Tullio said, “I want everything, Gabriella. I want you all, I want every part. I want to kiss you whole. I want every detail, every moment, every little hair. I want everything.”

Commenting on the post, Pugliisi admitted: “That’s when I fell in love.” She even added a joke: “He’s going to kill me,” she said of showing the moment to the audience.

In August, the digital influencer said she was surprised by her own feelings When intercourse begins months after separation. “To be completely honest, I didn’t even think there would be love like that. I thought ‘Ah, I’m going to meet a nice person, fall in love and then it’s over’. I didn’t believe in eternal love neither in love life.”

I’ve always advocated “let’s live today”, because in fact no one has awakened eternal love in me (today I see this clearly). It was another kind of feeling. Then life comes and always surprises us at the least unexpected moments. God is working thus..

Bugliese explained that today he is at peace and that he has never felt satisfied with anyone. “It makes me see far and wide. It takes me outside the box. It makes me think more and it gives me a reference for family, union and relationship I’ve never had before. I’ve never felt so loved and protected, so peaceful and so happy.”

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Bugliese and Tulio took over the relationship in May of this year. In February, the model who was married to Erasmo Viana, He confirmed the end of their relationship.

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