PSN marks the arrival of trophies for PlayStation games for PC

PSN marks the arrival of trophies for PlayStation games for PC

Evidence on the tracking site suggests that Sony is planning to add a trophy feature to PlayStation games for PC. Thus, PSN will be able to link titles between platforms, despite the different menus.

According to the site Real prizesThe Japanese company will test the function. This find is found in the same way as the PS4 and PS5 trophy list and consists of an informative update “PSPC“And the trophy set.”

Furthermore, the PSN files will not be tied to any specific game, further fueling rumors of internal testing. Although the lists are separated by platform, the PC list can still be combined with the PS5 list – in a similar way to the PS4, PS Vita and PS3 awards.

Spider-Man for PC enhances PSN integration

In August last year, the PlayStation PC FAQ revealed Sony’s intention to merge both gaming platforms. This strategy gained steam with the arrival of the Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered port, which came with Steam and PSN cross-linking.

Source: Insomniac

At the time, only one exclusive skin was offered to those who linked accounts. However, this decision will likely make it easier to add trophy support to PC-compatible PlayStation games in the future.

So far, Sony has not confirmed this possibility. Therefore, the information is nothing more than speculation.

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