Developer Fable is being credited for confusing gameplay with CGI

Developer Fable is being credited for confusing gameplay with CGI

thought Lukas Koelz, lead lighting artist at Playground Games A real compliment That many are accusing the trailer seen at the Xbox Game Showcase of being in Computer Graphics (CG), when in fact it is being recorded in-game.

Coles: “People who say they don’t think this is real or that the game has these graphics are giving it to us One of the best compliments. The artist accompanied his post with some images from the trailer, which show the excellent work Playground Games has done on Fable.

Someone in the comments teased him claiming it’s all thanks to Unreal Engine 5, but Koelz replied that it’s actually the engine the game uses. forzatec.

Obviously, many are still not convinced and would like to see Fable play into their hand. However, it must be said that we are talking about a movie recorded in the engine, and not the final game, which are two completely different things. Given that Fable does not yet have a release date, there is room for modification and improvements. It is worth remembering that the trailer contains excerpts from the gameplay.

For the rest, remember that Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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