PS5 update prevents the device from cheating in games

PS5 update prevents the device from cheating in games

The latest PS5 update brought a series of improvements to the console and improved the online environment for the community overall, leaving cheaters with no way to cheat. like? Cronus Zen, a device that specializes in console cheats, no longer works in the video game.

Cronus, which describes the device as a “command simulator,” issued a statement on its platform that said:

Cronus issues a crash warning after a PS5 update blocked the device

We're aware of an issue with Zen and PS5. This morning (January 24), the console is asking everyone to update, and if you do, your Zen will no longer connect to your PS5 without disconnecting. However, this update is not mandatory! Just ignore it and everything will still work with Zen as expected. Note: It will update in sleep mode as well, so you'll have to disconnect your PS5 from the internet, skip the update, and plug it back in again. There is currently no schedule for a fix, so don't be offended if you're directed to check this notice when your expected arrival is requested. It can be 24 hours, 24 days or 24 months; We won't know until we investigate further. This notice will be updated when we have more information. We appreciate your patience.

It is worth noting that many games require the PS5 update to be installed so that the online gaming environment can be launched. In addition to cheats, the device also allowed for the use of a mouse and keyboard in titles where the DualSense should be the main option, giving an advantage to smart titles.

PS5 update improves use of speakers, parties and systems

Speaking of the “Heroic” PS5 update, it not only eliminated Cronus Zen, but also improved several aspects of the console. Find out more details here!

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