PS1: Artists discover that the console logo is a 3D model!

Imagem de: PS1: artistas descobrem que logo do console é um modelo 3D!

After 25 years, a graphic artist has found a secret that even the most interested gamers have Play Station you knew. In a kind of reverse engineering, I found out that the company logo that appears on the first console is a 3D model and not just a 2D image as everyone imagined it to be.

with help Unreal EngineEmma Bonne recreated the console’s splash screen and realized that simple movements reveal that the logo wasn’t a flat image. She described the unusual perspective as “forbidden and damned angles.”

To prove that the problem wasn’t an invention, a programmer produced a short video showing the visible side of the PlayStation logo in reverse. Check out the result below.

Although this is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries uncovered by the late.”play 1The main screen of the video game has other secrets. One of them is the “Fearful Harmony” error, which occurred when a player tried to insert a CD that was not a PlayStation game.

Failure causes logo to appear ظهور Sony It appeared normally, but it changed the boot appearance of the video game logo screen, leaving a slightly weird animation in place. See the problem below.

So, what do you think of the revelation? Did you miss the PlayStation 1? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!

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