Professor who exposed Russian doping scheme opens investigation into Rio 2016 boxing manipulation cases

Investigate potential issues Corruption in boxing During Rio 2016 opened this week in the UK. The operation will be led by law professor Richard McClaren, who revealed to the world the doping scheme by the Russian state. The main focus will be on finding out if the judges were corrupted and the results were manipulated.

a AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association) It has already been suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the committee itself is responsible for organizing Olympic boxing in Tokyo. The first accusations surfaced after the event in Brazil and helped then-President CKWu back down, amid accusations of financial impropriety.

McLaren is expected to present the first conclusions in August. The investigation will also take into account the activities of the IBF managers. According to her, the association cooperates with its team.

“There have been several previous investigations into the sport that were never completed. It’s time for boxing to turn the page.”

“Our team will conduct an independent investigation into cases of corruption or manipulation of sports results during the Rio Games, identify those responsible and recommend an appropriate course of action for the count.” Richard completed.

A senior IBF executive said he had no doubts that some referees would be “purchased” and said a group of referees met before major competitions to determine the results of some matches.

At Rio 2016, Michael Conlan accused Irish weightlifter of being the victim of match-fixing after losing to Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin. According to him, after the first round he realized that he would easily win the fight, “He stole my Olympic dream,” Conlan said.

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An internal investigation by the International Boxing Federation in 2017 concluded that there was no active interference with the results, but removed some judges from international competitions, acknowledging that decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of a few and that points of unwanted influence affected the refereeing in Rio.

The McLaren investigation is also cited as one of the ways the ultimate amateur boxing entity is attempting to return to the international scene after losing the rights to stage a pre-Olympic event. There is hope that the suspension will drop after Tokyo, but the IOC has not commented on the matter.

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