Pro-Palestinian Committee Conference – The UK Labor Party apologizes for blocking the East Monitor

Pro-Palestinian Committee Conference - The UK Labor Party apologizes for blocking the East Monitor

The British Labor Party is embroiled in another battle with pro-Palestinian members following reports of former leader Jeremy Corbyn and the pressure group. Palestinian Unity Campaign (PSC) He was banned from speaking at the party’s annual convention later this month.

Preparations for the conference could not have been worsened by reports that senior Labor officials were continuing their repression of pro-Palestinian activities. According to the leader Young labor, PSC and Corbin, which are hosts of the pro-Palestinian group, were banned from speaking at a side event organized by the party’s youth wing.

Young labor Is the umbrella group of all party members under the age of 27. Its leadership is aligned with the party’s left and adopts a more progressive position than the parliamentary Labor Party. Critics say the party, led by Keer Stormer, has taken an anti-Palestinian stance.

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Young Labor leader Jessica Bernard revealed the details of the latest fight in a series of tweets. “The most convincing information I have received is that anyone from the Palestinian unity campaign will be rejected as a speaker, just like Jeremy Corbyn,” he said. “I was shocked that the BSc that had been at the conference for so many years had been quiet.”

In fact, the party has reportedly refused to allow the convention Young labor Continue this year. Bernard pointed out that the annual meeting of young workers is needed in the Labor Rule Book. In addition, he noted that he had no contact with Stormer’s office since he was elected president last year: “No acknowledgment of where we are, no response to emails, nothing.”

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The BSC said in a statement today that it had apologized for informing the workers Young labor That the conference organization platform is inaccessible. The explanation is that, after conversations with well-known labor sources, a senior labor official feared that the BSC support for the boycott, diversion and barriers (BDS) campaign might violate the International Coalition’s most controversial definition of work for the Holocaust memory. (IHRA) Anti-Semitism. Seven of the eleven examples of anti-Semitism cited in the report mix criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

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The PSC confirmed its presence at the Labor Party convention and its regular booth Margin. Attend the event Youth uprising for Palestine, Organizing Committee The world has changed Nearby Young laborAlso, there will be speakers at the company at other events during the conference.

However, the pro-Palestinian group criticized the way it handled the labor situation. “The key question is whether the PSC, the anti-racism organization and Europe’s largest Palestinian solidarity group, with a broad support and 14 unions and TUC members, could be considered illegal to provide a platform. Speaker?

“More deeply, how can supporting the BDS campaign of Palestinian civil society, a campaign rooted in anti-racist policies, be considered anti-Semitic by a senior Labor official?”

The panel argued that “the Israeli government and its allies have made significant significant efforts to represent a global campaign for Palestinian rights, especially by confusing the campaign with anti-Semitism.”

He added: “This representation program seeks to avoid portraying the oppression of the Palestinians as a form of racism; to prevent Palestinians from discussing the history of ongoing ethnic cleansing from their land;

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