Privatizations and concessions should attract 3 trillion Rls within 10 years

Privatizations and concessions should attract 3 trillion Rls within 10 years

Brazil should receive 203 billion Rls in investments next year with projects being implemented

a The Ministry of Economy He says he expects Brazil to receive investments of R$203 billion in 2023, through concessions and privatization. These actions are expected to be implemented by the end of 2022.

If all the projects developed by the government are successful, Brazil will invest R$2.9 trillion in the next decade. The figures range from R$200 billion annually to R$300 billion in 10 years.

The projection takes into account the commitment to the investments made through privatization and the concessions that the government has implemented or is implementing.

Minister Paulo Geddes (Economy) says that R$860 billion has been signed into the Bolsonaro administration. It states that the country reaches 20% of its gross domestic product (GDP) for investment annually. If the drop is confirmed, it will be the best number since 2013.

The energy stands outside

The energy sector should boost the number of investments in the next decade, with R$1 trillion expected. Then come the transport, communications and sanitation sectors.

top 5

Road, rail and port concessions are among the notable initiatives. There are 935 projects in the list.

To get an idea of ​​the projects in progress, there is a concession of 3000 km of highways in Santa Catarina for the private sector. Although the number may seem high, the concession includes 32 highways that cross the entire state, seven of which are federal and 25 are state. Investments of R$ 30 billion are planned.

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The studies conducted by the Federal Government’s EPL (Planning and Logistics Corporation), with the support of IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), are at an advanced stage. The auction is scheduled for 2023.

The data consists of Investment Monitor, a digital platform in partnership between the Ministry of Economy and the Islamic Development Bank, with financial support from the UK government. The platform includes projects from all ministries, such as infrastructure and regional development.

According to the committee, the government is structuring projects to compensate for the lack of public funds in infrastructure investments. Despite this, it is expected that some of the listed proposals will not work. But a lot of money will go to the economy through these concessions and privatization.

a 360 . force Lift that 2.1 trillion reais has already been signed over the next ten years, accounting for 860 billion reais from Bolsonaro and another 1.2 trillion reais from previous administrations.

In other words, the next government will have an easier path to follow, if it is to continue down that path – and bring in the private sector to meet the demand for more infrastructure in the country. There is an extensive list of suggestions for investors to choose where to invest their money in the medium to long term.

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