Priuli was honored by celebrities for the press class for Presenter

Priuli was honored by celebrities for the press class for Presenter

Gabriela Prioli has become one of the most talked about topics on social media today and she gained celebrity support for a discussion in which she protested against “achism” and learned about the importance of investigating journalism.

In an interview with Flow Podcast, on Youtube, CNN Brasil commentator got into a discussion with presenter Monark to see him make the remarks without any kind of statistical basis.

You can say everything, but you can lie, for example, if you don’t have the data.

Upon hearing the statement, Monarch tried to respond that there are clear positions that do not require information when compared to reality.

If I had an idea that Brazilian education is bad compared to the world, I might have an idea that we could have improved further. Can’t I?

“But that’s a very shallow argument,” Briolli said.

Monarch was visibly frustrated that he could not argue because he had no data. He complained: “This is very disturbing, I cannot talk, and talk about what I think because I do not have numbers and statistics.”

Gabriella Priolli then decided to teach the presenter in action. “You know what I think is ridiculous, Monarch. It’s just that you haven’t become obese in the epidemic,” he said.

“I gained 10 kg,” Monarch warned. Briolli replied, “But I don’t think you gained weight.” “Okay, but I’ve gained weight,” the presenter reiterated. “In my opinion, it is absurd that you did not gain weight during a pandemic,” he quipped.

Monarch questioned the source of the guest’s information and heard that it was behaving the same way when he was comparing the Brazilian version with the rest of the world without any source.

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Flower, what do you want? May I rely on reality, monarch. This is what I am Trying to get you Speak up. “

Anita, Luisa Sunza and Tata Wernick pay tribute to Gabriella Priolli after the press break

Photo: Play / Instagram

Celebrity memorials

In the video that went viral on social media, some celebrities took to the journalism class that Priuli gave to the host of Flow Podcast.

“F”, mocked the singer Anita, Followed by a heart-shaped emoji and a mention of Gabriela Priioli. “I love it,” said host Tata Wernick. “Shattered,” provoked singer Luisa Sunza. David Brasil commented on the “fact statements.”

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