PlayStation has been sued for employment discrimination

PlayStation é processada por discriminação no trabalho

a Play Station He was sued for gender discrimination and unlawful dismissal by a former systems analyst at Sony.

The lawsuit filed by Emma Magoo He accuses the company of unequal pay between the men and women who are part of the company, and even of paying lower salaries and denying female employees promotions.

An employee of a company since 2015, she claims to have witnessed and suffered from various cases of gender discrimination. In her own experience, Magoo cites that she has not been promoted in these six years and also claims that some supervisors did not speak to women and only reported to other men.

The analyst was fired in 2021 shortly after submitting a statement condemning the discrimination cases to Sony. At the time, the company justified the layoff as part of a division abolition. It turns out that Mojo wasn’t even part of the segment the company mentioned.

information from ribbed.

The operation comes a few days after announcing that the CEO Bobby Kotik He was aware of sexual harassment that was occurring in Activision Blizzard. On this occasion, the CEO of Sony Jim Ryan Certain that PlayStation “does not believe the company’s responses adequately address the situation”.

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