Prince Harry revealed in the letter that he was “forced” to leave the UK and was on royal duty

Prince Harry revealed in the letter that he was “forced” to leave the UK and was on royal duty

King Charles III has reportedly withdrawn the invitation after being named as one of the names that made racist comments against Archie (Image: Getty)

Real controversies continue! This Thursday (7), a statement written by Prince Harry was released to an English court, requesting police protection for his family while they are in England. According to ITV News, Harry and his lawyers have argued for some time that without police protection, it would not be safe for him to return to the UK with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children.

A three-day trial is taking place this week and the Prince’s statement was read out in court today. In the message, he said he was “forced” to walk away Government duties to protect your family and move to USA in 2020: My wife and I had to give up this role and leave the country, much to our chagrin“.

He continued: “England is my home. The UK is fundamental to my children’s heritage and is where I want them to feel at home, just like where they currently live in the US. This will not happen if there is no possibility of keeping them safe while on UK soil“.

Harry ended the letter saying that he didn’t want to put himself and his family in unnecessary danger.I can’t put my wife at risk like that, and given my life experiences, I hesitate to put myself at risk.”. The Duke of Sussex attended an awards ceremony in England last September for one of his charities, Wellchild, and visited his grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s grave at St George’s Chapel in London.

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Harry and Meghan have two children, Archie and Lilibet. (Photo: Getty)

The decision to reduce the level of publicly funded security for Harry and his family was made by a Home Office committee known as RAVEC – which oversees the security of the royal family and other public figures. The family’s lawyers argued the decision was “irrational” and showed Harry was treated “less favourably” than others. His legal team also says the committee made the decision without properly following its own procedures.

Home Office lawyers responded that the group had not removed all the family’s protections while they were in the UK and had instead implemented a “bespoke” system to reflect their new status as residents of California on the west coast of the United Kingdom. The judges will consider the arguments and make a decision in the coming weeks.

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