Prince Harry has severed his remaining ties to the United Kingdom

Prince Harry has severed his remaining ties to the United Kingdom

British newspaper Prince Harry recently made an important change, which is to sever his relationship with royalty.

Prince Harry He severed one of the ties that had bound him to the United Kingdom. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the king's youngest son Charles III He officially changed the address of his primary residence in his files.

After living in the US for about four years, he listed his main address as his home in the North American country. Prior to that, he officially maintained his address in England. The change was noted from Harry's file, which was recently released to show Harry's residence in the United States.

It should be remembered that Harry no longer has his own home in England. A few months ago, his father, Charles III, asked him to vacate Frogmore Cottage, where he lived when he was single and married to Meghan Markle.

Despite this, the prince has already declared that he considers the UK his home. “England is my home and the place I love. That will never change”He said when he announced his retirement from official services of the British royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's New Plans

Duchess Meghan Markle And the prince Harry The People magazine website reported that there will be two more series on Netflix. The news comes after a major backlash over a documentary about their lives, released in December 2022, which led to talk within the British royal family that there will be an even greater distance between her and her father, the King. Charles IIIand his brother, Prince William.

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At this time, new projects should be about other subjects and not related to royalty. The first series is expected to be about cooking, gardening, entertainment and friendship and Megan will be the executive producer.

The other program will be about sports. This is expected to be an insight into the game of professional polo, which Harry has been playing for a few years. The aim is to talk about the passion for polo and its importance to the social scene of the coaches.

Both products are in their early stages and don't have a release date yet. It should be remembered that Meghan and Harry have a long-term deal with Netflix with their production company called Archive Productions.

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