Prince Harry has challenged ‘unreasonable behaviour’ over withdrawal of UK protection

Prince Harry has challenged ‘unreasonable behaviour’ over withdrawal of UK protection

Prince Harry’s lawyer told London’s High Court on Tuesday that he was treated “unlawfully and unfairly” by the British government when it decided to withdraw his police protection while in England.

Along with other senior royals, Harry received full state-issued security protection before stepping back from royal duties and moving to California with his American wife, Meghan, in 2020.

The Home Office – the department responsible for policing, immigration and security – however decided in February this year that Harry would not automatically receive personal police protection while in the UK, even if he had to pay for it himself.

Last year, King Charles’ youngest son was granted permission to challenge the decision.

Harry’s lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, who was not present in court, said he had been treated unlawfully and unfairly.

“This case is about a person’s right to safety and security,” the lawyer said. “None of us can have a more important right.”

The Executive Committee for the Protection of Royals and Publics, known as Ravec, did not follow its own policy or treat Harry the same as other people, and did not give a reason for the decision.

Harry’s “standing position has been – and continues to be – that he should receive protection from the State in light of the threats/dangers he faces,” Fatima said in the written request.

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