Prince Harry faces millionaire debt after legal setback

Prince Harry faces millionaire debt after legal setback

Prince Harry faces a million-euro debt, the equivalent of around 6.2 million reais, after he failed in his case against the British government to get back his personal protection after stepping down from royalty.

Fight for security after resigning from royalty

Since abdicating his royal duties in January 2020, the youngest son of King Charles III has struggled to maintain the security service provided by the British authorities.

Although Prince Harry can appeal the court ruling, he could face a £1 million debt as a result of his court defeat, according to the British newspaper Daily Standard.

Since his resignation, Harry has lost his right to security services provided by the British government to members of the royal family. This has affected his trips back to the UK with him and his wife, actress and Duchess Meghan Markle, expressing concerns for the safety of their two children.

Harry recently moved to London to support his father following his cancer diagnosis. Meanwhile, Meghan has not visited the UK since September 2023, when she attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles did not give his youngest son royal rights (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@revistaveja)

Abandonment from the royal family and an uncertain future

The Prince has been clear about the importance of his family's security, saying his children will not feel safe in the UK without proper security. The Royal Family is likely to further distance itself from the UK and its associated obligations following this defeat in court, the Daily Mirror reported.

Despite his abdication, Harry remains fifth in line to the British throne, after Prince William and his three children.

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Featured image: Prince Harry faces debts after legal battle (Reproduction/CNN)

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