Presenters are kicked out of the VIP area for eating the celebrity buffet

Presenters are kicked out of the VIP area for eating the celebrity buffet
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Presenters are kicked out of the VIP area for eating the celebrity buffet

Portuguese broadcaster Barbara Guimarães and singer Sonia Tavares were thrown into controversy when they were kicked out of the VIP area at the Rock in Rio Lisbon for eating the celebrity buffet.

The artists covered the event by the Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (SIC) on Sunday (16) and the recording studio was next to one of the festival's dining tables.

Barbara used social media to reveal what happened. She stated that she went “to work, commentate and TV with all the dedication in the world” and “yes, we had a bit of Russian salad and a croquette each”.

She then detailed the expulsion process. “Did they grab our arms? Yes. They cut off our 'VIP Service' bracelet. Were we kicked out of the VIP tent? Yes. Did we do anything wrong? Tell me,” he wrote.

Sonia also used her Instagram profile to share a video about the case. The Gift's lead singer said she was told she couldn't eat anything in the VIP area, so she ate a Russian salad.

When she went out to smoke, she was warned about this rule, but when she returned, she was summoned by a security guard. “Come with me. They grabbed me by one arm. A woman and three security guards grabbed me by one arm.”

She added: “They kicked me out of the festival, and told me: 'Go, you can't come here anymore,' and they took the bracelet off me.”

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Rock 'n' roll at Rio Lisbon after presenters were kicked out of the VIP area

In a statement, the festival expressed its regret for what happened and the “excessive strictness and insensitivity of the team when approaching” and offered “an apology for the discomfort it caused.”

The statement denies the presence of any kind of aggression in deporting the presenters, and explains that “because [a área VIP] “If space is limited, the common rule agreed with all festival partners is that professionals working there will not have access to the same amenities as the public with paid tickets and guests of that space.”

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