Portugal will support Andorra in concluding a bilateral treaty with the European Union – Economy

Portugal will support Andorra in concluding a bilateral treaty with the European Union - Economy

Asked by an Andorran journalist about the signing of a bilateral treaty between the principality and the European Union and whether the Portuguese state intends to support this claim by Andorra, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa replied “of course”.

“It is fundamental for the European Union [a assinatura desse tratado]The Portuguese head of state added, on the sidelines of a meeting with Portuguese residents in the emirate, on the occasion of the celebrations of the Portugal, Camis and Portuguese Communities Day.

Andorra, which has more than 9,000 Portuguese – the third largest community representing more than 10% of the total population – “wins by being more connected to the European Union, the European Union is gaining more in integration, bringing Andorra closer together which is a very important and important role” very “.

A few hours after returning from London for a “lightning” visit to the principality, the third since taking office more than six years ago, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was also asked about the meeting between Prime Minister Antonio Costa and his British counterpart Boris. Johnson next Monday.

The Portuguese head of state said Costa’s visit to London aims to strengthen the “distinguished relationship” between Portugal and the United Kingdom, rejecting potential contradictions with post-Brexit agreements.

“Purely and simply, in those areas where there is no contradiction, there are things that we can do in bilateral cooperation, which we do, by the way, with other countries around the world, especially with a country that has a very strong British community in the North, which is the British community Very strong in the south, in Madeira, and it is growing in terms of investment in Portugal,” he argued, arguing that Portugal benefits from strengthening these already secular relations.

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The prime ministers of the United Kingdom and Portugal are preparing to close a global political agreement on Monday in London to regulate Portuguese-British bilateral relations after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

“A major agreement is being prepared between the two countries, with special focus on the areas of defense, foreign policy, science, higher education and climate change, especially the oceans,” Foreign Minister Lusa said on Sunday, João Gomes. Cravinho, at the end of a visit to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, accompanied the President of the Republic.


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