Pope urges world leaders ‘time to act and act together’ Environment

In a text published by the Italian newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera” on Sunday, Pope Francis urged “the time to act and act together” against climate change, the epidemic and poverty.

The text is part of the introduction to the book to be published on November 12th, with reflections and reports on the reception of Francesco “Laudato si”, the publication dedicated to the defense of the environment.

It is also a message to the G20 leaders meeting in Rome on Sunday, on the eve of the important climate change conference in Glasgow (UK), which officially begins on Monday.

Joe Biden and Pope Francis during a meeting at the Vatican, October 29, 2021 – Photo: Vatican Media / via Reuters

The pope warns that “there is an environmental crisis represented by the ‘cry of the earth’ and a social crisis represented by the ‘cry of the poor’ who are made mortal by a health crisis: the Covid-19 pandemic.” Francis.

“However, let us not forget that crises are also windows of opportunity: they are occasions to recognize and learn from past mistakes,” he writes.

The Pope concluded his speech by saying: “It is time to think big, to rethink our priorities (…) and to reprogram our future. It is time to act, to act together, it is time.”

The book, which will be electronic and published in COP26, can be downloaded free of charge from November 12 on the Vatican website of the “Dedicatory for Service of Integral Human Development,” which promotes the publication.

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