Poll reveals that Trump will defeat Biden in a possible rematch next year – News – 2020

Poll reveals that Trump will defeat Biden in a possible rematch next year – News – 2020

Trump appears to be the most likely candidate in the 2024 presidential elections
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Hey Former President Donald Trump He tops the intentions to vote for the presidency of the United States in 2024, reveals a poll conducted by SSRS, commissioned by the American television network CNN and released on Wednesday (8).

According to the poll, in the possible rematch, the Republican appears with 49% of the votes, while… Joe Biden 45% of registered voters.

The scenario shows that Biden is fed up, as 51% of voters say that there is no possibility of voting for him. As for Trump, 48% say they will never vote for him.

The incumbent faces a significant decline in support among key voter groups compared to the 2020 election, including people under 35, independents, blacks and Latinos.

Biden’s approval rate is 39% and disapproval is 61%. Only 25% believe he has the stamina and acuity needed to serve effectively as president in an eventual second term.

When asked whether Biden would be part of the problem or the solution to the crisis in the country, 61% considered him part of the problem. A majority of Americans (72%) believe that things in the country are going poorly.

Trump leads in a hypothetical race against former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, also a Republican, 49% to 43%.

The research shows that currently, a Biden-Trump election is the most likely scenario for the 2024 election.

The study indicates that both Biden and Trump have positive and negative ratings.

And in a country where voting is not mandatory, Republican voters appear to be more motivated to vote than Democrats: 71% of Republicans said they were very enthusiastic about voting, compared to 61% of Democrats.

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Satisfaction with the candidate’s choices for the upcoming elections is divided, with 50% of voters satisfied and 50% dissatisfied, although Republicans are more satisfied than Democrats.

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