Police pursue a cannabis network, but an illegal bitcoin is “mine” – Executive Digest

Police pursue a cannabis network, but an illegal bitcoin is "mine" - Executive Digest

Excessive heat, constant “come and go”, ventilation and exaggerated security of a residence discovered by a drone from British intelligence led the West Midlands Police to enter a house on the outskirts of the English city of Birmingham.

As Company Sniper Dogs and members of the Technical Police wait outside the home, officers are preparing to carry out a search and intercept a network of cannabis fields, which surprised them when they spotted a series of computers that had a direct connection to an illegal electrical post, and nothing less than a Bitcoin mine. .

All of the 100 or more computers were confiscated, but police made no arrests. The suspects will be produced before a judge on charges of “stealing electricity” in the order of thousands of euros, and the electricity supply company will face fines and compensation.

“This is definitely not what we expected,” said Jennifer Griffin, a police sergeant in Sandwell. “All traces indicate that we are going to find cannabis, and finally find the second illegal bitcoin mine within a year,” he said.

“Mining cryptocurrencies are not illegal, but the need to divert enough electricity from the source does not fully respect the law,” Griffin explained.

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