PM cuts Brazil and South Africa quarantine red list as government prepares to return UK to ‘normal’

PM cuts Brazil and South Africa quarantine red list as government prepares to return UK to 'normal'

The prime minister is ready to scrap the red list and lift quarantine restrictions on several countries, including Brazil and South Africa.

Boris Johnson is expected to announce his plans to return the country “to normal” after the pandemic.

Brazil is believed to have been removed from the scientific

There are currently 54 countries and territories on the red list, but only nine are expected to remain as the government plans to open non-isolated travel in time for half the period, according to reports. telegraph.

Several countries are expected to be removed from the list, including South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Cape Verde, Indonesia and possibly Thailand.

Lifting the restrictions will allow Britons who have come under full attack to travel without isolating themselves upon their return.

The government has begun preparing the country for a return to normal life, and the prime minister says the vaccine launch has “saved thousands of lives, prevented countless hospitalizations, and allowed the economy and society to return to normal”.

He added: “We did not go through Covid to return to the way things were, to the previous situation.

“Building back better means we want things to change and improve as we recover.”

A British government source told the channel: “We expect sharp cuts to the red list. There may only be nine countries left on the list.

“The required quarantine will be maintained, but in fewer places.”

Last month, the signal scheme was rolled back and replaced with a simple Go/No Go menu.

And starting this week, there’s a new set of rules for vaccinated travelers that will make vacations much cheaper.

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A pre-arrival test, which should be a lateral flow test or PCR and done before returning to the UK, will not be necessary.

Travelers will only need to book a two-day Covid test (PCR only), which will also be discontinued later this month and replaced with the lateral flow test.

Meanwhile, the number of Covid cases and deaths decreased today, as 30,301 people tested positive and 121 deaths were recorded.

This is a slight decrease from the 127 deaths and 35,577 cases recorded on Friday.

The number of people who have died from Covid in the UK has now reached 136,910, with the total number of cases reaching 7,871,014.


The prime minister is expected to announce his plans to return the country to “normal”.Credit: AFP

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