Planning On Buying A Teddy Bear For Your Toddler? Here Are The Things That You Must Look At!

Toddlers are little explorers who are always curious about everything they do and often learn by their unique experiences!

By choosing the right toys at the right age, you as a parent can play a vital role in your child’s growth and reward your child with a memorable childhood at the same time. 

Playing with toys is an excellent opportunity to help them develop and practice new skills at their own pace. Hence, as a parent, it becomes crucial that you choose the right toys for them at the right age.

While choosing a toy or a plaything for a kid might sound easy, it can sometimes turn out to be a tedious task in reality. That’s because you need to keep a couple of things in mind while deciding on the perfect one, such as its material, usability, uniqueness, and, most importantly, its size. 

Today, we will discuss why the size of the most common yet unique toy, a teddy bear, is essential and on what grounds you are supposed to get the right ones for your 3-year old bundle of joy. 

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Things To Look at While Buying A Teddy Bear

Let’s walk through some crucial aspects that you must consider before buying a teddy bear for your child-

Safety considerations

The main reason to get a perfect-sized teddy for your little one is the consideration of their safety. That is because not all teddy bears have CE Mark. They are only given to those toys that carry out the necessary test for the age group recommended. 

Among many other factors, a safety test ensures no choking hazards and no loose attachments that could hamper their health. This assures you that your kid would at least not be having any injury simply because you were unaware. 

Quality and Durability

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If you want your cuddly toy to last, it must be rather resilient. It must be able to withstand the tugging, pitching, and chewing that a baby will subject it to. Buying an inexpensive item from the store might not last more than a few rounds with the youngster, much alone multiple trips to the laundry room.

Purchasing a high-quality branded item from a reputable online retailer such as BigTed ensures that it is suitable for its purpose and withstand these tests. Before placing your cuddly companion in the washing machine, check the label to see if it can be washed by hand.


Another primary reason for selecting the right size of the teddy is to judge their cuddle ability. This is because you surely won’t want your little ones to struggle with the size of the toy you bought to keep safe when you aren’t around. For instance, imagine struggling to swim despite having a lifeguard tube all because it was so oversized that your little structure wasn’t able to catch hold of its rim. 

Yes, that is precisely what will happen with your kid if you get them an oversized teddy. So, getting a size that would be apt for their cuddle ability is essential. 

Choose a teddy with whom your toddler can be comfortable with

Your choice of a teddy or soft toy will play a vital role in offering hugs for a long time! With that in mind, he should be soft and gentle enough to squeeze and hold near to your child’s skin. To minimise stray fibres being pulled out and ingested, soft toys for babies under 3 years usually have smooth or extremely short fur. It will also ensure that your kid is comfortable with their new play buddy.

Buy a teddy that stays a lifelong companion

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When you decide to buy a teddy, make sure you choose the right size for them. One that is apt for their play for not just a month or two but at least a year or two. 

While choosing the teddy, you must ensure that the structure and character of the teddy are designed in a way that connects emotionally with your kids. 

Buying toys especially for kids can be a significant task, and when it comes to choosing the appropriate size, it might seem like extensive sabotage. 

So to ease your problem, make sure you keep the parameters mentioned above in mind while deciding on the size. Then, you can check out our website for more information.

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