PIS / Pasep Allowance: A worker can get refund until June 30th

PIS / Pasep Allowance: A worker can get refund until June 30th

The last date for redeeming the allowance PIS / Pasep The base year 2019 ended in February. However, the money is still available. To see what to do in the face of this situation, continue to follow this article.

PIS / Pasep

PIS / Pasep are benefits awarded to CLT workers annually stipulated in Supplementary Law No. 7/1970 and Supplementary Law No. 8/1970, respectively.

Payment PIS is intended for employees of private companies and is managed by Caixa Econômica Federal. On the one hand, Pasep is for public officials, under the responsibility of Banco do Brasil.


The PIS / PASEP allowance for the 2019 base year is available for withdrawal until June 30. After this date, workers will only be able to access the feature again in 2022.

The amount available varies according to the time the citizen works. Thus, a calculation in proportion to the exercise period is made based on the applicable national minimum (currently R $ 1.1 thousand).

At this rate, a worker can be paid between R $ 92 and R $ 1.1,000 for the floor and the ceiling, respectively.

Who is entitled to?

The right to PIS / Pasep is for official contract employees who carry out their work activities in a private or public organization. These, you need:

  • Register with PIS or Pasep for a period of at least five years;
  • Worked at least 30 days in 2019, which could be consecutive or not;
  • Minimum minimum wage wage in 2019;
  • The information has been correctly passed by the company to the RAIS (Annual Social Information List).

PIS number

If the operator does not know their PIS number, look for it in the following places:

  • Business card
  • Citizen card
  • Consulta ao CNIS;
  • Consult the Social Security Service Center at phone number 135;
  • Consult Caixa Service by calling 0800 726 0207;
  • In other documents as an extract from FGTS; Duration of approval to terminate the contract and the Bolsa Família card.
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How do you get the allowance?

For workers registered with PIS, checking the balance can be done on some Caixa Econômica Federal digital channels or at an agency.

Salary allowance can be withdrawn at the institution’s ATMs, at lottery shops or at Caixa Bank correspondents using a citizen’s card, or at an agency providing an official document with a photo and CPF.

For workers registered in Pasep, they can check the balance on the Banco do Brasil website or by calling 4004-0001 or 0800 729 0001 or 158.

To withdraw the amount, a citizen can go to one of the Banco do Brasil branches with an official ID card with a photo and CPF. Additionally, it is possible to redirect the allowance via TED to an account owned by an ATM or bank website, under the option of PASEP.

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