Four Houthi leaders targeted by US and British sanctions – Economy

Four Houthi leaders targeted by US and British sanctions – Economy

Four Houthi leaders are targeted by US and British sanctions

The list of those targeted includes the Minister of Defense and the commander of the Houthi naval forces, who, under the new sanctions, will be subject to an asset freeze and travel ban.

The Houthi rebels launched several attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

Yahya Arhab/Environmental Protection Agency

The United States and the United Kingdom announced new Sanctions on four important Houthi figures Two days after the British Prime Minister announced his intention to punish extremists in Yemen There have been attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea since the end of 2023, Bloomberg reported.

According to the agency itself, the list of targets includes: Ministry of DefenseMuhammad Nasser Al-Atifi, Commander of the Navy, Muhammad Fadl Abdel Nabi. Reuters later added two names to this list Heads of the Coastal Defense Forces: Muhammad Ali Al-Qadiri and Muhammad Ahmed Al-Talbi.

Washington's sanctions aim Freeze any assets The four Houthis who are in the United States, as well as preventing the Americans from negotiating with the Yemeni group.

London has already issued a decree appointing the four major figures Banned from traveling, with Frozen goods that it With the arms embargo.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said: “We will continue with our allies to target those responsible for the unacceptable and illegal actions carried out by the Houthis, which endanger the lives of innocent naval personnel and disrupt the delivery of aid to the Yemeni people.” On a visit to the Middle East.

The United Kingdom reiterated that the sanctions, expected to be announced on Thursday, aim to disrupt the capabilities of the Houthi group and promote peace, stability and security in Yemen.

The leader of the Houthis, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, said that the attacks in the sea of ​​“dangerous waters” will not end until “food and medicine reach the citizens of Gaza and Israeli crimes stop.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced to Parliament on January 23 that he wanted to use the most effective means at his disposal to “cut off the Houthis' financial resources used to finance these attacks.”

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*News edited by Ines Santinhos Gonsalves

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