PIS / Pasep 2021: Deferral could pay R$1,100 in double

PIS / Pasep 2021: Deferral could pay R$1,100 in double

The Advisory Board of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat) has decided to postpone the payments PIS / Pasep Which was supposed to take place since July next year.

The 2020 Salary Bonus will be issued this year, however, the amount that will be used to fund it has been transferred to the Emergency Employment and Income Preservation Allowance (Okay).

In accordance with Resolution No. 896 of March 2021, it was also necessary to change the payment periods for PIS / Pasep. Thus, from 2022 onwards, the vesting will be distributed between January and December.

Normally, the payment of stipend should begin in the second semester of the year and end in the first semester of the following year. However, due to the postponement to the next year, workers expect to receive the accumulated bonus.

According to the economist Gilberto Braga, the payment of the installment referring to the year 2021 will depend on the collection obtained during the current scenario, affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. How, specifically, to reduce this income in connection with the Social Integration Program (PIS)

At that time, the federal government made it clear that the situation in PIS / Pasep It’s not related to non-payment, but to Codefat’s future deliberations. The Board of Directors is responsible for determining the actual period of payment schedules.

“Under the new regulation, workers who are determined to be entitled to the salary bonus will be paid in the same year, with no ‘deficiency in payment.’ He indicated that the last payment schedule expired this year 2021.”

Who is entitled to PIS/PASEP?

to be entitled to PIS / PasepThe worker must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be registered in the PIS/Pasep system for at least 5 years;
  • Have a monthly average of up to a minimum wage during the base year;
  • have engaged in a paid activity of a legal entity for at least 30 days in the base year, whether consecutive or not;
  • Have personal and business data duly registered by the employer in the annual Social Information List (RAIS).

PIS / PASEP value

The maximum value provided by a file PIS / Pasep Equivalent to minimum wage, R$1,100 currently. The calculation is based on the duration of work practiced by the citizen in the base year. Check the proportions:

Percentage Values
1 working month 92,00 BRL
2 months working 184.00 BRL
3 working months 275.00 BRL
4 months working 367.00 BRL
5 working months 459.00 BRL
I worked 6 months 550.00 BRL
7 working months 642,00 Brazilian Real
Worked for 8 months 734.00 BRL
9 working months 825.00 BRL
10 working months 917.00 Brazilian Real
Work 11 months 1.009.00 Brazilian Real
Work for 12 months 1,100.00 Brazilian Real

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