Photo gallery. Snow covered France and the United Kingdom. Portugal could be next – the visitor

Photo gallery.  Snow covered France and the United Kingdom.  Portugal could be next – the visitor

Snow blanketed parts of French territory overnight in white from Monday into Tuesday. According to the National Weather Service, nine regions in the country are on orange alert (high watch) this morning due to snowfall.

“An ice cube It extends from the Paris area to Lower Normandy. The amount of snow was higher than expected. Ice is forming on the roads,” the newspaper quoted Météo-France as saying. Le Monde.

French Transport Minister Clement Buon said in a statement BFMTV There were “hundreds of minor accidents” overnight and “trouble” continued on some roads in the country this morning. “We have stopped thousands of vehicles In the Île-de-France region, especially on the A13, in the evening. Now There are 400 vehicles Still stuck in difficulties”, he explained, ensuring that all available means are mobilized to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

A similar situation occurred in the United Kingdom on Monday, with the National Weather Service issuing a yellow warning for snow in the south of England and Wales, according to the report. Guardian. A few mishaps also happened with the newspaper telegram It is reported that the school bus crashed into a parked vehicle in a park when the driver lost control due to ice on the road.

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As the Observer explains in this article, in Portugal, cold air from northern Europe arrives mid-week.

Cold air from Scandinavia arrives in Portugal mid-week: -7ºC at night

From Wednesday, during the day, temperatures are not expected to exceed 10º/11ºC, and during the week it will snow in the highest parts of the country, as is already happening, in fact, in the northeast of Serra da Estrela and Trás-os-Montes.

Photo Gallery: It snowed in Portugal over the weekend

Since last week, the Social media Take into account fallen snow in different parts of the country.

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