Philippe Coutinho scores on his debut for Aston Villa and secures a draw against Manchester United

The Brazilian, who plays in the center of the field, entered the second half, when his team was losing by two goals

Reproduction / Instagram / avfcofficialPhilippe Coutinho scored a goal on his debut for Aston Villa

Brazilian player Philip Coutinho He had a dream for the first time wearing a T-shirt Aston Villa In a confrontation Manchester United This Saturday, 15, the midfielder entered the field in the second half, when the Birmingham team was two goals behind, and was responsible for the reaction of the host team at Villa Park, and the match was tied 2-2. The match was valid for the twenty-second round of the Premier League. Back in England, Coutinho was put on the field by coach Steven Gerrard in the 22nd minute of the final stage, enough time for the new Brazilian player to become the main name in the reaction of Aston Villa, who sought to equalize in two moves by the player. Brazilian national team player. Douglas Louise, who was also revealed by Vasco, was on the field within 90 minutes. The one who made his debut against Aston Villa was the left-back Lucas Worthy. The Frenchman also started playing from the first minute.

It is Manchester United’s second consecutive setback in the Premier League, leaving the team in seventh place, outside the main European competitions classification zone, with 32 points. Aston Villa occupies thirteenth place, and has reached 23rd place without winning three rounds, and it was a fatal mistake by goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez at the start of the match. In the sixth minute, in a free kick towards the side of the area, Bruno Fernandez risked a long shot towards the goalkeeper. The ball, which seemed easy in defense, fell under Martinez’s legs. This move opened the scoring for the match that went on very smoothly for Manchester United even away from home.

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The imposition of the Manchester team led to good chances to score, and after the failure Martinez was able to defend dangerous shots from Greenwood and Fernandes. In the latter part of the first half, Aston Villa managed to improve in the game. De Gea saved with a header from Buendia and a Denny shot. Villa Park saw a second run packed with opportunities for both sides. The two goalkeepers needed to make great saves to keep the score unchanged in the dressing room. Among the many opportunities to score, it was Manchester United who took advantage of the opportunity first, pressing the ball and recovering in attack.

Fred gave Bruno Fernandes a pass to hit the untenable ball and extend it to 2-0 in the 21st minute. Coutinho came shortly after conceding the goal and played a key role in the home team’s reaction. In the 31st minute, the Brazilian devised the move that ended with a goal from Jacob Ramsey, reducing it 2 to 1. Four minutes later, Coutinho reappeared and tied the match. Ramsey returned the pass to Coutinho, who appeared free in the area to score. The end of the match was tense and the score remained 2-2 on the scoreboard until the final whistle.

Pandemic effects

The classic London match between Arsenal and Tottenham, which was to take place on Sunday, 16, has been postponed by the Premier League, which is in charge of the English Premier League. The postponement request was submitted by Arsenal due to cases COVID-19 In the national team and the athletes called up for the African Nations Cup, in addition to absences due to injuries and suspensions. Tottenham complained about the decision. The match between Burnley and Leicester City, initially scheduled for Saturday, has also been postponed due to a spike in new coronavirus cases in the UK.

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Three more round-robin matches, with teams from the bottom of the leaderboard, were held on Saturday and two of them had scored two Brazilian goals. Everton lost 2-1 to Norwich. Richarlison scored in the match and scored for Liverpool with a big bike kick. Kane, VS, and Eda scored for Norwich. Another Brazilian scored a goal that day. Fluminense revealed that striker Joao Pedro headed in the 43rd minute of the second half and scored a 1-1 equalizer against Newcastle Watford. Saint-Maximin opened the scoring for Newcastle in the match. Wolverhampton also beat Southampton 3-1 at home.

*With information from Estadão Conteúdo.

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