Pemblitt claims that Jake Paul’s fights are rigged. YouTuber responds with challenge – 11/30/2022

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Jake Paul gains another challenger to his already extensive list of enemies in combat sports. Right now, the ball of the hour is Buddy Pemblett. The Briton is preparing to face Jared Gordon in the UFC Lightweight Championship (70 kg) in December, in Las Vegas (USA), but ignores his opponent, for the time being, and stings YouTube by making a serious accusation. As it could not be otherwise, the Internet star, quite loudly, did not let go and challenged the MMA prodigy.

Pemblett acknowledged that Jake had seen a huge improvement in his boxing skills, but he wasn’t impressed with his results in the ring. According to the “baddie”, the American deserves to be classified as a fighter, since he is clearly devoted to sports and trains intensely, but he questions the legitimacy of his immunity in the noble art.

The Brit points out that the YouTuber chooses accessible duels and accuses him, unsatisfied, of getting involved in manipulated fights. To make his point clear, the athlete mentioned Paul’s confrontation with Anderson Silva, which took place in October, in which he delivered a controversial knockdown by the Internet star, in the eighth and final round.

“They’re a bunch of idiots. I’ll give Jake credit for the moment. He’s been training really hard, maybe he can beat professional boxers. He’s got unlimited money and he doesn’t have to do anything else. He should go do a job. He doesn’t have to. Get the best trainers.” And nutritionists and things like that. Jake’s not so bad now, though I think his fights were rigged. I don’t think Woodley’s knockouts were rigged, because when you get knocked out like that, if you’re not unconscious, you’re going to throw your arms up. No You can help her. But I saw the angled punch he delivered to Anderson, and she didn’t,” the UFC fighter declared while on “Pub Talk.”

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After learning of the accusation made by Pemblitt, Jake did not hide his disappointment in his social networks (see below or click over here🇧🇷 The blogger rejected the behavior of the British man who also questioned the credibility of Anderson Silva, one of the best fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, and the companies responsible for organizing the fight between them, in addition to contesting his victory. Eager to prove that he won his six fights in the ring fairly and cleanly, the American made himself available to show Paddy his level of skill.

Confident, the Internet star “invited” the UFC athlete to perform boxing-focused training and offered him $1 million (about R$5.3 million) if he performed better than he did. It should be noted that “The Baddy” is more grappling than an attacker in MMA, but he has a powerful shot, even with defensive holes. But, if he wins, the YouTuber demands that the new competitor join the United Fighters Federation, an organization created by Americans to help mixed martial arts fighters get better pay and benefits. According to Jake, it’s time his critics in combat sports learned to respect him.

“Poor Pimplett. I really wanted to like you, but then you say my fight against Anderson was rigged. I’m sick of this narrative. It’s pathetic, it’s stupid. You don’t respect your sport goat by saying he’s a criminal, a fraud, you say Viacom “One of the biggest media companies in the world. They do criminal things. But I have a show for you. Since you’re not going to fight, right? Let’s train. We can do five or three-minute rounds of boxing. If you win, I’ll give you a million dollars, which you deserve.” You know that, but the UFC doesn’t pay you for that. You deserve more.. But if you win, you have to join the United Fighters Federation and help me sign every fighter in the UK. Put your money where you go, let’s go,” reads a user YouTube on his official Twitter account.

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Jake Paul, 25, is still in the early stages of his professional boxing career, and so far, his results in the ring are telling. On a good note of the sport, the YouTuber has fought six matches, won them all, four by knockout, leaving behind names like Anderson Silva, Ben Askren, and Tyrone Woodley (twice) and earning millionaire purses on his appearances.

Former ‘Cage Warriors’ champion Paddy Pimblett, 27, arrived in the UFC with high expectations and content in the octagon. Debuting in the organization in 2021, the Brit has fought three fights, winning them all by fast track and winning the Performance of the Night bonus in each. For the company, The Baddy fired Luigi Vendramini, and introduced Kazula Vargas and Jordan Leavitt.

Dear Buddy Pemblitt, Are You Claiming My Fights Are Fake? Stop calling goat Anderson Silva a criminal and come fight me.

You win, I give you a million dollars. I won, I got into UFA.

– Jake Paul (@jakepaul) November 29, 2022

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