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a Netflix This movie will be released in its catalog on June 7th هذا mom piece, championship Paulo Gustavo. The comedy is the biggest box office success for the actor, who died on May 4, at the age of 42, after a long battle with the coronavirus (Covid-19).

mom piece He started a franchise with three movies, all starring Paulo Gustavo.

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The first movie was originally released in 2013. The movie features the lovable character created by Paulo Gustavo, Donna Herminia, who is based on his mother.

In the movie, Donna Hermenia is a middle-aged divorced woman. Her life focuses on her two children, Marcelina and Giuliano.

When she discovers that her children find her boring, the character disappears from the house. Children can’t imagine she was hanging out with her aunt Zelia.

My mom is a piece that is the greatest success of a career Paulo Gustavo. Originally a stage play, as the title itself indicates, the business ended up winning three films, all of which were smash hits at the box office.

What not everyone knows is that the play and movies were inspired by the family of the comedian, actor, and screenwriter. Her mother, Día Lucia, and her sister, Juliana Amaral, served as the basis for two prominent figures in the business.

.’s mother Paulo Gustavo, obviously, led to the emergence of Donna Hermina, the protagonist mom piece. The comedian managed to imitate not only the manners, but also the voice of Déa L,cia, as is evident in excerpts from reality tapes shown during the film’s credits.

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Some dialogues from real life even served as the basis for scenes in the movies, such as when Donna Hermenia talks to her son about him being gay. In an interview with Ela magazine, Paulo Gustavo Tell how his mother kissed him.

“With my mother everything was very normal. I was on my way from the bedroom to the kitchen when she asked me:Paulo Gustavo, Are you poor? It was so, going to buy bread. I replied: Yes, is there a problem?

She cursed and added: ‘It’s okay, I’m afraid you will be mistreated in the street. At home, you can be whatever you want because I’ll love you anyway. We are closed and we go together. My mother did not care about the fact that I was a homosexual,” the artist revealed.

Already a sister Paulo Gustavo It served as the basis for Donna Hermenia’s daughter in cinemas. The character is called Marcelina, played by Mariana Xavier.

mom piece Arrives on June 7th at Netflix. Movies can also be watched on Telecine Play.

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